Kernel upgrade, 2019-02-16

Today, we rebooted for a kernel upgrade. Yay!

Services currently running

  1. Mail delivery (SMTP).
  2. Mail relaying by SMTP auth. (At last! Use mail.artifex.org, port 587 as your outgoing mail, require TLS, and supply your username and password – and you can finally send mail without relying on a gmail account.)
  3. Mail retrieval (IMAP and POP, though POP’s not automatically tested.)
  4. Spam filtering. (Spam goes into spam/, no user configuration or bogofilter required.)
  5. This website (HTTP & HTTPS).
  6. SSH for standard user accounts.

Things you need to do

If you’re a user, you should:

  1. Reset your password by contacting mikeh or hblanks.
  2. (For SSH access only), also send us your RSA public key. See Reset your password for details.

As part of your password reset, migrate your mail and files to your new home directory. (SOP for this will be pushed to /root on the new machine.)