Common tasks

Resetting your password

We do not give out passwords over e-mail, so to get a new password, you need to speak with one of the Artifex administrators. To do this, you can either call one of us directly, e-mail one of us directly, or send a message to the administrative mailing list

Spam filtering

The Artifex provides a very competent spam filter program (bogofilter), but you have to train it so that it recognizes what’s spam and what’s not. This training typically only takes week or two; after that time, you can expect perhaps as little as 1 in 100 inbound messages to be spam.

To use spam filtering on your account, read Using bogofilter.

Beyond Bayesian, per-user filtering with bogofilter, the Artifex also uses real-time blacklists to block mail from know spammers.

Improvements we should make to spam filtering include:

  • offering SpamBayes in addition to bogofilter
  • making it easier for POP & IMAP users to train their spam filters
  • using a global bayesian spam filter in addition to per-user spam filters.